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It all started with a ring… my Great Grandmother Wolf’s ring. It is a giant, antique amethyst and gold ring that was given to my Mother, who eventually gave it to me. I remember admiring it as a child, and I’ve had a fascination with crystals and gemstones ever since. I find it inspiring even today and often wear it while creating new pieces.

In my early teens I began rock collecting, mainly large crystals, geodes, and polished agate. In my later teens, after having received a gift of a custom made wire-wrapped crystal necklace, I developed a hobby of jewelry making. My earliest work consisted exclusively of necklaces, and almost always involved amethyst, quartz, and garnet, sometimes mixed with jasper or glass.

Over the past several years I’ve become a lot more serious about my art, taking it from a hobby to a full time operation. My work now encompasses earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. My style is mainly bohemian and vintage, as well as classic sterling silver designs. I utilize reclaimed, vintage Czech glass, and natural gemstones and crystals of all types. My metal and wire work consists of antiqued/patinaed brass and hand-oxidized sterling silver. I also hand-form most of my earwires and clasps.

My inspiration comes from nature and the natural sciences. Having studied biology and chemistry in college, I like to incorporate elements from the natural sciences into my art. Planetary bodies, organic molecules, animal species… all provide ideas and inspiration for my work. As is evidenced by the names I choose for my pieces… Cygnus, Neptune, Nitrogen molecules, etc…

My name is Ariana Sinclair, and I love making jewelry. I hope you also enjoy my work, and thank you for viewing!

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